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Integrating Shopify or WooCommerce Your E-Commerce to other Inventory & Accounting Software?

Oct 13,2020 / Haroon Juma / Software Blogs

Corporate Tax


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the way we operate and view businesses, especially those in the retail sector has taken a shift. We have already seen in the past that a brick-and-mortar model for a retail business isn’t sufficient anymore, it needs to be backed up by an online presence, and that is where an E-Commerce store comes into play.

There comes a time when your E-Commerce business grows, you may have to consider augmenting your platform with more functional accounting and inventory platforms to support the UAE VAT Legislation, better controls, and reporting. Having said that, the flow of information from these sources can present various challenges, not just in terms of Accounting for your Sales but also in maintaining an accurate inventory.

Selecting the Right Applications

In order to do that, Integration with an Accounting-based software solution is the key way to approach this issue. With today’s advent in Technology, possibilities to grow and support your business are endless. However, choosing the right technology and platform can be mind boggling, and having selected the wrong one, that isn’t quite tailored to cater to your business needs can lead to a trail of catastrophic events.

When choosing an Accounting software for your E-commerce business, there are several factors that need to be weighed-in and considered before making a final commitment and moving forward with the integration.

These factors include; General Functionality, Industry Specific Functionality, Cloud or Desktop, Bank Reconciliation Compatibility, Scalability, Usability, Reporting, Pricing, and most importantly its ability to seamlessly integrate with your E-commerce store (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce).

It is essential to remember, that not all E-commerce businesses operate the same or have the same workflow processes built in, hence why you need to ensure that you are choosing the best Accounting software (e.g. Zoho, QuickBooks, Xero) for your own E-commerce business requirements.

Integrating Your Applications

As for seamless integration, there are middle-ware solutions that enable you to do that. Connecting any type of software to another already presents its own set of risks and complexities. Therefore, you can already imagine how vital it is to make sure that your E-commerce store is totally in sync with your choice of Accounting software.

For instance, a raised order on Shopify should reflect as a new order invoice in accounting, or a return on Shopify should accurately be reflected in your inventory of products on in accounting with the correct entries in the ledgers including VAT, etc.

Any mishaps related to the information flow across these two platforms can take a toll on your Revenue Management along with gaps in Reporting.

The good news is we can enable the best middleware solutions for your E-commerce Business integration with external Accounting and inventory software.

Zapier platform – an online automation tool with a Lego-like editor that enables you to build workflows and automation between various SASS apps together. Such as its ability to connect a WooCommerce store with QuickBooks or Xero, Connect a Shopify store with QuickBooks or Zoho Books or Xero, and more.

OneSaas platform – an integration platform that connects your business software to automate your business across E-commerce, Accounting, Email Marketing, and much more. The integration directory has all sorts of E-commerce solutions ranging from Shopify to BigCommerce and WooCommerce, etc., with an ability to connect to different Accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, Xero, etc.

Successfully Implementing

Ensuring your E-Commerce business is set up the right way requires not only technical skills but a deep accounting and workflow knowledge to set appropriate policies and dataflows to fully automate the interactions between these applications. In this way availing of these integrations will minimize the time associated with entering data, giving you more time & resources to invest in growing your business.

At SimplySolved, we deliver the domain and technical skills to deliver integrations in a seamless manner preventing any gaps. We deliver solutions specific to your E-commerce and business workflow needs to avoid the complications that come along with the process. Through our ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited approach, we possess the domain and IT expertise to advise, plan and deliver a consistent outcome that benefits your company.

Partner With SimplySolved

Serving over 200+ clients we know the challenges your business faces operating cost effective, compliant and efficient back office operations in Finance, Tax, Human Resources Management, IT and Marketing.

As an FTA Accredited Tax Agency with ISO 9001 Quality & 27001 Information Management Certification, we offer a quality-based approach to our services supported by dedicated team of certified professionals.

We support our clients with defined processes, platforms and expertise to deliver advisory, project and outsourced services in Accounting, Tax, Auditing, HRM, IT & Marketing. Our offerings are specially designed to meet the UAE Regulations to put you in control of your information, comply to the regulations and help you make better business decisions.


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