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Benefits of Using a Certified Tax Agency in the UAE

Feb 9,2019 / Haroon Juma /Tax Blogs

If you have been wondering whether a certified tax agency in the UAE is the best choice to help you keep your taxes in order, the answer is yes.

Although a number of accountants offer tax services, getting assistance from a tax specialist who has a full understanding of Federal Tax Authority procedures and requirements in the UAE is the best way to ensure total peace of mind. 

Here’s some of the most important benefits of getting help from a certified tax agency in the UAE.

Why Use a Certified Tax Agency in the UAE?

Why is certification so essential when choosing a UAE tax agency?

In short, a certified agency will be able to ensure that you stay compliant in all areas of tax and better manage any procedures with the FTA.

The certification process is extensive and requires a high level of insight, experience, and understanding into specific tax laws. An accounting agency that does not have certification may not be able to provide the same level of expertise.

Some of the biggest benefits of choosing a certified agency include:


As we mentioned above, a certified agency is the best way to be sure that you are fully compliant.

This means never having to worry that your tax consultant is licensed and certified as competent by the Federal Tax Authority.

It also means that all taxes are processed according to relevant laws and best practices, which, in turn, prevents penalties and other problems.


A good certified tax agent has spent many years perfecting their skills and can communicate effectively with the FTA.

They are fully versed in all areas of tax and have solid experienced practising as a tax specialist within the UAE. With this experience comes an ability to streamline the process in a way that reduces stress and saves time and costs.


Finally, a certified tax specialist will also be able to advise you in all areas of tax laws within the UAE.

Whether you have recently moved your business operations to the UAE or you are a new business just starting out, this insight is invaluable to ensure that your taxes are managed right from the start.

Setting a clear understanding of your tax obligations when you start will save you significant issues with costs and penalties if you need to correct your tax declarations.

At Simply Solved, our tax specialists are certified and highly experienced. Contact us today about working with a certified tax agency in the UAE.

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