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Cloud POS Solutions

Our POS solutions support simple & complex requirements for retail and food and beverage operations.
We also deliver with back-office outsource for your complete accounting and VAT requirements.

Our cloud POS solutions are more than simple POS.

They are integrated with inventory, accounting, purchasing with highly configurable functionality to significantly improve your operations and business reporting.

Your operations will run smoother, enhance customer experience and provide critical business insights at your fingertips to run your business from anywhere.

Additionally, our solutions can be delivered with post implementing back office outsourcing for your complete accounting and tax requirements supported by our qualified team operating to FTA Tax Agency and ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications.

POS Solutions

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ERP Implemenation & E-Commerce Integration

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory, monitor and control ingredient stock with real time visibility to maintain optimum stock

ERP Implemenation & E-Commerce Integration

Salesforce Automation

Automate your business operations with minimal training and optimse staffing 

ERP Implemenation & E-Commerce Integration

CRM & Loyalty

Manage your customer relationship deriving insights to help with effective offer management that converts leads to more customers

ERP Implemenation & E-Commerce Integration

Order Processing and Management

Enhance customer experience through smooth and seamless order fulfillment for your internal and external stakeholders

Standardisation Services

Data Backup and Security

Secure your data with real time cloud backup, giving you access to valuable information to make timely business decisions

Standardisation Services

Business Intelligence

Generate simple and actionable reports for better decision making and optimizing your business operations

Standardisation Services

Integrated Accounting

All Information is stored to give you freedom from other systems access and provide a integrated accounting solution

ERP Implemenation & E-Commerce Integration

Uninterrupted Billing Software

Quick billing processes save time for your customers and ensure a quality experience

Standardisation Services

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POS Solutions

Retail POS

Retail POS will automate all your business operations to give your customers a seamless experience and drive higher profits. With our cost effective POS system, you get complete control over your inventory, secure your data, AI driven autonomous purchase solution and faster billing to combat peak hour sales/seasonal crowds and much more to increase efficiency in retail processes.

We support retail businesses in multiple sectors including- Pharma & Healthcare, Lifestyle & fashion, Hypermarket & departmental stores, Specialized Retail, and many more.

POS Solutions

Restaurant POS

Manage all aspects of your F&B business that controls of all your business processes from order taking to billing the customer with minimum effort and staffing. This solution is ideal for dine-in restaurants, cloud kitchens and restaurant chains.

Our full functionality solution helps improve employee productivity by reducing manual effort, faster order processing with KOTs (Kitchen Order Tickets), access to data and actionable insights at your fingertips and Online delivery management (TALABAT)- through online order portal feature.

POS Solutions

Wholesale Distribution

Our solution helps your business growth by employing digital native solutions for multi-chain wholesale distribution businesses. Eliminate inventory inefficiency with pricing management, order processing and management, offer management as well as returns management.

The solution supports multiple sectors including FMCG & Packaged Foods, Distribution Pharma and Healthcare, and Specialized Distribution.


What Sets Our Service Apart


Industry Expertise




Training and Onboarding


Locally compliant


Optional Back Office Outsource Services

POS Solutions


How We Deliver



Our consultants will gather your business requirements with key attention improving your business processes and propose best practice models

Delivery & Quality

We have the expertise and methodology to control projects and working with your organisation . Our goal is to implement with quality and speed to deliver results faster

Training & Roll Out

Key to your project success will be user adoption, we seek to emphasise training and dcoumentation to minimise impacts to the business.

Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

We’ll provide best practice quality processes, expertise and platforms to run your business more effectively.


Is our POS solution fully integrated?

Yes. Our POS solution is fully compliant to the UAE with bar code scanning support and integrated to run many processes including inventory, accounting, VAT, HRM & Payroll

Why is a POS needed and does it need to be industry specific?

POS is ideal for any Business to Consumer requirement where cash and credit card operations are required. We have special features for F&B operations including table management and tips to improve the customer experience and provide rich insights into business performance in real-time.

What if we don't have documented working processes?

If your business is seeking to improve its operational efficiencies, we can propose best practices processes. We support 100’s of companies as a business process outsourcer and our experience can be applied to transform your operations.

Can we extend to support more processes later?

Yes. We can help to deliver your solution to one or several business workflows. If you want to extend to other areas later such as HRM & Payroll, we have MOHRE compliant solutions to meet this requirement.

Can we integrate to other systems?

We can integrate external systems subject to technical assessment. We have integrated to e-Commerce websites, other CRM systems, SMS gateways, or any system with a published API.

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